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Meet our team -> General Coordinator

Catherine Leblanc (She/her) is our general coordinator. She’s in her 5th year at Concordia in Painting & Drawing. 🌻

A bit about her artistic practice..

“As a painter and a photographer, I based my work around concepts of perception, familiarity and intimacy. These days, my practice has been mostly focused around painting, but photography, even though not being my main medium, stays a major source of inspiration. When starting a new painting project I always go through old photo albums of my parents, photos of everyday life on my phone, and photos coming from my practice as a film photographer. I get really inspired by the idea of perception and how it can be manipulated, reworked, and collaged. Photography as a documentation medium becomes a tool which inspires my subjects and paintings compositions. It is through the interpretation of my own souvenirs, feelings, and daydreaming that I explore relationships to my surroundings. Sustained by a soft and detail-oriented aesthetic, I attempt to share a vision of the world that is authentic to my inner world.”

Instagram: @catheleblanc

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