When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and all events were cancelled, the PDSA, in collaboration with the VAV Gallery, took to the web, recreating the VAV Gallery on Artsteps in order to exhibit over 80 artworks by Concordia University Fine Art students. The exhibition was a great success, quickly gaining over 1000 views and positive feedback from the Concordia community. Click on the link below, take a look around, enjoy the art, enjoy the music and thank you!

Vincent Laporte, Safoura Kassnejad, Jim Tran, Soft Melancholy, Iryna Merkulova, Frédéric Laurin, Tsolaire Mekhgeavakian, Jennifer Lee, Liza Isakov, Mélanie Reid, Roxanne Boyle, Kimberly Orjuela, Odile Marion-Jetten, Julie Leblanc, Rosi Maria Di Meglio, Gazelle Bastan, Charlotte G Ghomeshi, Sonia Reboul, Jackie He, Marika Madimenos, Sam Prociuk, Susan Willcocks, Claudia Persechino-Morin, Antoine Lussier, Elena Hoh, Joe Carlo Romero, Jeb, José Lara Menéndez, William Berger, Lawrence Thériault, Morgane Bernard, Matthew Thomson, Julie Robert, Jackie, Crystal Deer, Sarah Demers, Gab More, Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky, Laurène Smith, Sofia Schiavone, Ali Kouri, Rafa Santos, Summer Emerald, Charlie Doyon, Léa Boucher, susan georgette, PP Greff, Agathe Leroy, Sonya Kertész, Ursula Oberholzer, Alison Moule, Julia Autumn Savoy, Lynne Scheuer, Sandra St-Hilaire, Aimée Lebeau, Sunny Elsom, joé Côté-Rancourt, Victoria May, Médéric Corbin, Annie Tóng Zhòu Lafrance, Jordan Daniele, Émile Phaneuf, Safoura Kassnejad, Lu Youwei, Charlotte Little, Tamsin Horsfall, Jay Krakower, Crystel Pereira, Sara Sadawi, Jonathan Stern, Spencer Magnan, Victor Galarreta, Diana Lukic, Lili Kong, Morganne Carroll, Karin Bjornson, Youri Létourneau-Langlois

Music by Liam Kenna & Loic Tremblay

Land Acknowledgement:

The PDSA would like to acknowledge that Concordia University is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation is recognized as the custodians of the lands and waters on which we gather today. Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal) is historically known as a gathering place for many First Nations. Today, it is home to a diverse population of Indigenous and other peoples. We respect the continued connections with the past, present and future in our ongoing relationships with Indigenous and other peoples within the Montreal community.

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