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Mask was an exhibition presented by the Concordia Painting and Drawing Association that took place at Atelier Galerie 2112 from December 13th to December 20th 2021.

«Throughout this exhibition, we consider masks from a variety of perspectives, including protecting, as ritual objects, as religious talismans, as means of concealing, as well as examples from historical protective gear, fashion, and costumes. Masks are also explored as technical strategies that can be used to conceal, reveal, or demarcate. With the advent of Covid in recent years, our relationship to masks has been profoundly altered. Masks have become an everyday essential means of protection. In addition to its symbolic signifiance, the mask has become a loaded symbol, for some a symbol of freedom and for others, a symbol of restriction. Dichotomies of freedom versus restriction, revealing versus concealing, and control versus submission, are explored through conceptual and technical approaches, using the mask as a foundational idea and symbol.»


Alexandra Riesemberg/ Riesbri (she/her)

Beatrice Cote (she/her)

Claudia Bletea-Filat (she/her)

India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner (she/her)

Jessica Bidnyk Harrinanan (she/her)

Mandolyn Morin (she/her)

Simone Taylor-Cape (she/her)

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